Hydrogen Water Machine for Desk JPH-899

-Mirror shell design, 3.5-inch LCD, extra-large number display

-Multi-function LCD display panel

-Reminders in both Chinese and English

-High efficiency power supply system with universal voltage

-CDC touch technology

-Microcomputer automatic control for electrolysis

-Automatic electrode cleaning function, keeping the machine

  free of water deposits

-Stainless steel coil imported from Japan

-Ionic membrane imported from Japan; Platinum Titanium

  alloy Electrolysis Plates

-Built-in temperature protection system

-Hydrogen and oxygen separation Techniques

Kitchen Hydrogen Water Machine JPH-819U

-Suitable for all types of water (filtered water)

-The machine is easily installed and can be used right away. Enjoying

  hydrogen water is an easy task!

-Microcomputer automatic control; suitable for filtering a wide range of

  water qualities

-This machine can be used under the condition TDS = 5~200ppm

-High performing electrolytic material -- Japan Made Platinum Titanium

  alloy Electrolysis Plates

-Equipped with a food grade hydrogen-oxygen separation membrane,

  which produces more hydrogen in the water

-The amount of hydrogen is stably generated up to 1000ppb~1200ppb.

-Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and is lightweight and beautiful

-It is small and will not take up too much space.

Portable Hydrogen water bottle YTH-688/888

-The hydrogen concentration is higher, more stable, longer lasting, more soluble in water,

   and more easily absorbed by the human body. The machine design ensures that it can

   produce hydrogen content between1000-1200ppb. The hydrogen content can be

   maintained above 900ppb after 1 hours and above 800ppb after 2 hours.

-High hydrogen purity, breathable, no toxic residues such as chlorine and ozone

-Automatic recognition of different types of water; suitable for deionized water, purified

   water (Ro water) and distilled water

-Our usage of frequency conversion electrode technology results in low energy

   consumption, stable electrolyte production, safety and reliability.

Hydrogen water sprayer JPH-P80

-It is lightweight and ideal for office workers who stay in air-conditioned rooms for long periods

    of time.  It is also great for people to carry around while they are travelling especially during

    flights. For those who care about beauty and skin care, they can use the sprayer to replenish

    and moisturize their skin anytime and anywhere.

-Functions: moisturizing, anti-aging, lightening dark spots, removing wrinkles, protecting skin

    from harmful UV rays, soothing and calming skin, relieving skin pressure, deeply protecting skin

-Usage: Simply put clean water into the spray bottle and press the button three times.

    Hydrogen water will be produced right away. Spray bottle usage is unlimited. It contains deep

    water retention and no chemical additives.